Year of the Bible Resources

2021 is the Year of the Bible at New Hope Palm Harbor!

If we are going to save ourselves and those around us, we must give and devote ourselves to GOD'S WORD! Pastor Nick has declared 2021 to be the Year of the Bible here at New Hope! He has challenged us all to read through the Bible together this year -- that's 6 days of reading each week. And there's more... he has also challenged us to memorize a verse every week! Sound too hard? It isn't, we promise -- click the links below for some tools to help you do this.

ALSO, check out the church APP for even easier access to these tools!

How to Memorize Scripture

Here are some helpful tips on how to memorize each week's Bible verse!

Weekly Bible Verses

Here is your list of each week's Bible verses to memorize, by week and topic.

Daily Bible Reading Plan

Here is your list of each day's chapters to read. You will read a few chapters each day, pulled from both the Old and New Testaments, with one day off each week as a "break" (or to use to catch up if you've missed a day).