Sermons And Series From 2016 And 2015

We Are New Hope - Ps. Nick Panico | 12-16-18

The Reality of Jesus - Ps. Nick Panico | 12-9-18

Walk this Way - Guest: Ps. Gary Hanson | 12-2-18

Abundanza - Ps. Nick Panico | 11-25-18

Efficacious Power Of God I Ps.Nick Panico I 10-28-18

The Compelling Love Of God I Ps.Nick Panico I

Marked by God I Wayne Dery I

Saturday Pm I GIC

Sunday Am I GIC

Sunday Pm I GIC 

Gods Dream I Ps.Barry Sullivan I

Live Victoriously I Ps.Karen Hanson I 

Run | Ps. Barry Sullivan I 10/14/18

Return to Your First Love | Coach Rex I 10/6/18

My Faith I Ps.Karen Hanson I 9/9/18

Live Victoriously I Ps.Karen Hanson I 9/2/18

Live,Learn,Preach I Ps Christian Mounts I 8/26/18

Dr.Carol Elaine I 8-5-2018

My Father's Sins and Me Pt 3 - 7 Steps To Freedom From Generational Sins And Curses I July



My Fathers Sins And Me Part.2 I July 22nd 2018

My Fathers Sins And Me Part.1 I July 15th 2018

Ps.Jon Courtney I July 8th 2018

Stand In The Gap I Ps.Barry Sullivan I July 1st 2018

Dinesh Chand I June 24th 2018

Becoming more than a conquer Part.6B I June 10th 2018

Spiritual Warfare Pt.6

Spiritual Warfare Pt.5

The Greatest Show I Ps.Barry Sullivan 

Spiritual Warfare Pt.4

More Then Conquerers Pt.1

Spiritual Warfare Pt.3

Ps.Christian Mounts

Spiritual Warfare Pt.2

Spiritual Warfare I Pt.1

Spiritual Warfare Intro I Ps.Nick Panico

Ressurection Sunday Messages I 9am I 11am

Three Crosses IPs.Nick Panico

Three Amazing Truths 

Rev.Dennis Kutzner 

The Covenant I Pt.4

Thrive I Ps.Drew Wallingford

The Covenant I Pt.3

The Covenant I Pt.2  ---- Pt. 2.1

The Covenant I Pt.1

“When You Give” The God Priority #3

The God Priority #2 - When You Pray Pt 2

 The God Priority #2 - When You Pray Pt 1

These Three Things - Pt.2

These Three Things – When you Fast

Candlelit Christmas Eve Service

What Is Christmas? I Ps.Nick Panico

Signs Of Christmas I Ps.Nick Panico

 The Words We Say At Christmas I Ps.Barry Sullivan

Just Use What You Have I Dallas Elder

Crossing Over Pt.1 I Ps.Nick Panico

Crossing Over Pt.2 I Ps.Nick Panico

Crossing Over Pt.3 I Ps.Nick Panico

Crossing Over Pt.4 I Ps.Nick Panico

Crossing Over Pt.5 I Ps.Nick Panico

Missions Brunch 2017

Missions Conference Morning 2017

Missions Conference Night 2017

Why Missions? I Ps.Nick Panico

Missions Matter I Ps.Nick Panico

What The Storms Of Life Can Teach Us I Ps.Nick Panico

The Law of Sowing and Reaping, Seed Time and Harvest I Ps.Nick Panico

God’s Universal Laws I Ps.Nick Panico

Terry And Marilyn I 8/6/17

Back To Basics I Ps.Karen Hanson I 7/30/17

One Time Message I Carol Elaine I 6/25/17

#1 I The Art Of Marriage I Ps.Nick Panico I 6/4/17

#2 I Meeting Her I Ps.Nick Panico I 6/11/17

#3 I Meeting His Needs I Ps.Nick Panico I 6/18/17

#4 I Communication I Ps.Nick Panico I 7/2/17

#5 I Parents And Children I Ps.Nick Panico I 7/9/17

#6 I Affair-Proofing Your Marriage I Ps.Nick Panico I 7/16/17

#7 I Divorce And Remarriage I Ps.Nick Panico I 7/22/17

Gotta Serve Somebody I Ps.Jon Courtney I 5/28/17

 Breaking The Chains Of Poverty

Pt.5 I Gideons Story I Ps.Nick Panico I 5/20/17

Pt.4 I Gideons Story I Ps.Nick Panico I 5/13/17

Pt.3 I Gideons Story I Ps.Nick Panico I 5/7/17

Pt.2 I Gideons Story I Ps.Nick Panico I 4/30/17

Pt.1 I Gideons Story I Ps.Nick Panico I 4/23/17


The Ressurection Difference I Ps.Nick Panico I 4/16/17


For The Joy.....The Cross I Ps.Nick Panico I 4/14/17

The Lord Needs It I Ps.Nick Panico I 4/9/17

Pastor Abel I 3/26/17

Faith That Works

The Time Is Now I Ps.Barry Sullivan 3-12-17

Rev.Rex Tonkin I Steps To Elevate I 3/5/2017 

Ps.Barry Sullivan I Prepare For Purpose I 2/19/2017

Making Valentines Great I Dr.Rod Buzzard I 2/12/17\

The Breakthrough #3 I Breaking Through Principles You Can Put In Action I Ps.Nick Panico I 2/5/17

The Breakthrough #2 I Four Phases Of Breakthrough I Ps.Nick Panico I 1/29/17

The Breakthrough #1 l Get Ready For Your Breakthrough-Ps.Nick Panico I 1/21/17

Embracing The New Thing In 2017-Ps.Nick Panico I 1/14/2017

Assignment From Heaven-Ps.Richard Mull I 1/8/17

One Thing For 2017-Ps.Nick Panico I 1/1/17

Candlelit Christmas Eve Serive-Ps.Nick Panico-12/24/16

Waiting For Christmas-Ps.Nick Panico-12/18/16

What Was The First Christmas About?-Ps.Nick Panico-12/11/16

The Best made plans…The Journey to Bethlehem-Ps.Jon Courtney-12/4/16

How Do You Smell?-Ps.Barry Sullivan-11/27-16

The Unshakeabke Kingdom Of God-Ps.Nick Panico-11/20/16

The Unshakeable Kingdom Of God-Ps.Nick Panico-11/13/16

The Unshakeable Kingdom Of God-Ps.Nick Panico-11/6/16

Kingdom Power Pt.3-Ps.Nick Panico-10/30/16

Ps.John Lloyd-Mini Concert-10/23/16

3 Ways To Live-Ps.John Lloyd-10/23/16

3 Ways To Live-Ps.John Lloyd-10/22/16

Kingdom Power- 10/8/16- Ps.Nick Panico 

Missions Conference- Sunday Evening- 10/2/16

Missions Conference- Sunday Morning- 10/2/16

Missions Confernce- Saturday Evening - 10/1/16

Missions Conference-Saturday Morning - 10/1/16

Knowing God Pt. 8 -  Is There Not A Cause? - 9/18/16

Knowing God Pt. 7B - The Fatherhood of God Pt. 2 - Ps. Nick Panico - 9/4/16 

Knowing God Pt. 7 - The Fatherhood of God - Ps. Nick Panico - 8/28/16

Knowing God Pt. 6 - God is Sovereign - Ps. Nick Panico - 8/21/16

Miracle Before the Miracle - Pastor Gary - 8/14/16

Knowing God Pt. 5 - God is Faithful - Ps. Nick Panico - 8/7/16

God is Good Pt. 5 - Because God is Gracious - Ps. Nick Panico - 7/31/16 

Knowing God Part IV - "Because God is Merciful" - Pastor Nick Panico - July 24, 2016

Open Doors - Special Guest Ps. Ron Kinnear - 7/17/16 

June 26, 2016 Ps. Nick Panico

Knowing God - Pastor Nick Panico - 6/19/16

The Omni-God - Pastor Nick Panico - 6/12/16

Pastor Mark Proffitt 6/5/16

Knowing God Pastor Nick Panico 5/29/16

The God Who Is Pastor Nick Panico 5/22/16

I Can't Get No Satisfaction  Pastor Jon Courtney  5/15/16

Title Pending Pastor Nick Panico 5/8/16 

Forgiveness Series Part 3 Pastor Nick Panico 5/1/16

Forgiveness Series Part 2 Pastor Nick Panico 4/24/16

Forgiveness Series Part 1 Pastor Nick Panico 4/17/16

Pastor Nick  "Give Me This Mountain" (pt. 2) 4/10/16

Easter 2016

Good Friday 2016

Pastor Paul 3/20/16

Guest Speaker Barry Sullivan

New Years Eve 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

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